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Fight or Flight

If you don't move, nothing happens

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6 June
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I looove:
- having options. Like when it's raining heavily outside and you can either stay home, curled up in an armchair with your favourite book, or grab a friend, run out immediately, get entirely wet and absolutely happy and have the best night in your life ever.
- irish dancing.
- drinking tea. not even drinking but more collecting it. I have a hundred of different tastes, I think.
- black cats with green eyes
- my family
- reading. l/o/t/s of reading. the fatter the book is - the better.
- UK
- autumn
- high heels
- freckles!

I hate:
- envy
- worship
- having two equal choices
- swimming
- bruised legs
- insects

Social capital

  • less than 10